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Although the success of a real estate agent in Singapore depends very much on his own effort, choosing a good manager and mentor do play an important role in supporting the inspiring agents to significantly get their business up and running truly in a much faster way. But that's not all, read on and sgRealEstateMentor.com will explain to you there are 4 important factors to consider if you are serious about achieving success in real estate career.

In the event that if you want to begin the real work of becoming a successful agent immediately, hit the "Appointment" button below to have a exclusive conversation with the Real Estate Mentor and learn more about how you can do well and consistently close deal every month in real estate.



Choosing the RIGHT CAREER

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Real BENEFITS why a career in real estate sales:

  • Housing is a basic need and a necessity, the single most valuable asset we own.

  • People will always buy, sell, invest or rent a home, even in a depressed market condition.

  • Flexible working hours, work at your own pace.

  • No income ceiling, the sky is the limit.

  • You are your own boss, you build your own business and clientele.

  • Good balance between family and career.

  • There is always a constant flow of transactions.

  • More money change hands in real estate than in any other business. 

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Choosing the RIGHT COMPANY

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Since 1982, market leader ERA has been helping people sell, buy and rent a home in Singapore. We will just show you the latest past 3 years milestone of ERA as the actual list is very long.


  • Singapore’s Largest Real Estate Agency for the 5th consecutive year according to CEA Public Register and ranked #1 Largest Real Estate Agency by Singapore Business Review for 2nd consecutive year

  • Launched ERA Extra Mile Programme, an industry first S$500k salespersons rewards scheme for good service

  • Expanded to five offices spread over 65,000 sqft of space, at Mountbatten Square, SLF Building, Zhong Shan Park, Toa Payoh Hub, and 600 Toa Payoh

  • Raised S$80k for the Singapore Association for the Deaf in a charity walk

  • Set new Singaporean record for Largest Mass SG50 Happy Dance with 448 participants

  • Featured on Channel NewsAsia, Global Enterprise programme

  • Received the 8th SHARE Corporate Platinum Award and Five Years Outstanding SHARE Award at the Community Chest Awards 2015

  • Received the I Love You Ruby Award and named Ambassador for the Deaf since 2010 by The Singapore Association for The Deaf


  • Be Singapore’s Largest Real Estate Agency for the 6th consecutive year according to CEA Public Register and ranked #1 Largest Real Estate Agency by Singapore Business Review for 3rd consecutive year

  • Received the Top Grandeur Award in Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards 2016

  • Received the Asia Responsible Corporate Awards, Apex Leadership Award by Built Environment Industry, 2015/16

  • Introduced ERA Scholarship for ERA’s family of employees, salespersons and customers

  • Launched ERA 24/7 PropWatch, a property watch, search and match service free for the public

  • Received the 9th SHARE Corporate Platinum Award and Five Years Outstanding SHARE Award at the Community Chest Awards 2016


  • Celebrated 35 years of excellent service and customer satisfaction in Singapore

  • Became The Only Listed Real Estate Agency in Singapore under APAC Realty Limited

  • Won Top Brand preferred by consumers in the category of Property Agency under Influential Brands, 2017

  • Conducted ERA Race to Las Vegas Challenge, an incentive lucky draw for salespersons and clients

  • Offered ERA Loyalty Growth Dividend Scheme, an additional bonus for all leaders

  • Introduced ERA Zap to facilitate internal co-broking among salespersons

  • Launched FindPropertyAgent.sg, a customised search for the preferred property agents by the public

  • Received the 10th SHARE Corporate Platinum Award at the Community Chest Awards 2017

Some more other BENEFITS why join ERA:

  • Global branding recognition

  • Household name in Singapore

  • Worldwide referral network

  • The first public listed real estate agency in Singapore

  • ERA corporate structure & professional brokerage support

  • Be assured of your commission payout

  • Continuous professional training and development programmes

  • International award and recognition programmes

  • A wealth of experience since 1982, more than 36 years in Singapore

  • Sophisticated information and technology system

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Choosing the RIGHT MANAGER

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The journey to success is something that is never static; no matter how much success you have already achieved, you always have the potential to achieve so much more!


Talk to any notable businessperson, and they probably had a mentor. An effective mentor should be someone willing to show you the ropes, help you to understand your goals, and assist you in developing the plans to achieve the best results, thus achieving those goals. 


So here are 10 reasons why you need a mentor, and why working with the best real estate mentor will transform your life.

  1. To help you find direction

  2. To help you reach your potential

  3. To keep you focused on what's important

  4. To make you accountable for your actions

  5. To save you time and unnecessary stress

  6. To increase your confidence and get you re-motivated

  7. To train your brain into that winning mindset

  8. To understand yourself better and identify blind spots

  9. To improve your leadership skills

  10. To boost your overall well-being

Once you start to work with your mentor, you will learn to take effective action and focus your efforts. You will have a tailored coaching program to train you to understand the market and identify opportunities to help you unleash your inner potential. You will stop getting stuck on roadblocks and you will enjoy more energy and a more freeing schedule, even as you achieve more than you ever had before.

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Many real estate agents are working just too hard to find out in the end, it is all done the wrong way. Wonder why others can consistently close deals every month, regardless of the market condition? 

Whether you are a new or experienced salesperson, we are committed to empowering you with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve your goals. We listen to your needs and we will help you grow personally and professionally.

In ERA, to help you get ready for action, there are two categories, total 14 Ultimate Training and Development Programmes to empower all real estate agents to help them succeed.

Category 1: RESource

  1. Ultimate AccelERAtion Mastery

  2. Ultimate Listing Presentation Mastery

  3. Ultimate Condo & EC Mastery

  4. Ultimate HDB Mastery

  5. Ultimate Rental Mastery

  6. Ultimate Project Mastery

  7. Ultimate Landed Mastery

  8. Ultimate Marketing Mastery

  9. Ultimate Property Investment Mastery


Category 2: RESurge​

  1. Ultimate Sales Warrior Camp

  2. Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp

  3. Ultimate Consumer Seminar

  4. Ultimate Investment Seminar

  5. Ultimate Market Intelligence Seminar

Choosing to work at ERA is one of the most rewarding and exciting decisions you can make. After all, you will be joining the #1 Preferred International Real Estate Brand in Singapore with more than 36 years of history. 

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real estate salespersons have been trained and coached  


years of real estate experiences  


ERA APBC distinctively yearly awards winner


and ONLY real estate agency from day 1



My name is Elvis Loo and I joined ERA in 1995. Over the years, I have received multiple distinctive Salesperson and outstanding Leadership Awards in ERA. Right now, I am a full-time committed Mentor cum Division Head to my more than 150 associates. Beside managing a team of leaders and agents in their day-to-day real estate operation, I'm also a CPD course trainer for core topic.

I'm not all that good at talking about myself, but let's hear from others what they SAY ABOUT ME. I always believe action speaks louder than words.

ELVIS LOO's review.

Receiving TOP RECRUITER Award for the month of September'18 from ERA CEO, Jack Chua.



MORE THAN just a career

Being one of the leading Group in ERA, we are committed to groom our Associates and Leaders to be the best in the industry. Our people aim high and we always give our best, nothing but only our best. Step ahead to build your career with ERA now, Victory Group is growing. We're one family.

Joane Li from ERA Victory Group

Joane Li receiving her Award.


Alfa Chua receiving his Award.

Andrew Lim from ERA Victory Group

Andrew Lim receiving his Award.

Albert Tan from ERA Victory Group

Albert Tan receiving his Award.


BOOST your career

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Many agents join the real estate business face different challenges at different phases of their career. One common phenomenon that many new and even practicing agents face is that, very often they do not know the areas they need to improve in.


When you are unable to overcome obstacles in the course of your work, do not be too quick to blame others or become frustrated; or even choose to believe that you are not cut out and fit for the business.

Our Recommendation

If you are interested in having your own unique mentoring programme designed just for you specific to your needs and would like further information, please connect with us here by scrolling to the bottom to schedule an appointment online with Elvis Loo. With his massive experience in real estate (more than 23 years), Elvis will discuss with you on the best training options for your business progression. We will also show you how you can always translate your knowledge and skill directly into marketing and selling real estate. Let him help you to make a difference in your business. Feel it for yourself. You have nothing to lose but more to gain.

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Not a property agent yet?

Embarking on a fulfilling career with flexible schedules, the potential for great income and the ability to help people find their dream home.

How to become a real estae agent?

Feel free to Discover More with ERA for more fabulous opportunitieif you meet ALL the 3 conditions:

  1. You must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

  2. You must be at least 21 years old.

  3. You must possess 4 GCE 'O' Level passes or higher.

Are You Waiting For Your RES Exam Result?

Elvis understand the difficulties most agents face, therefore he strongly believe in one-to-one personal coaching and mentoring his associates until they achieve their successes. This is what we do and good at, and we will show you how. Let's connect and get a FREE real estate career preview with Elvis Loo now. Seize the opportunity and pave the way to your success today! 

Get an appointment online immediately fix up at your convenient schedule with Elvis by tapping the "Schedule An Appointment" button below. Alternatively, you can also send an email to him addressing your concerns by using the "Email Form" on this same page.

How do you envision your future self being a real estate agent? Are you ready to meet the Mentor to transform your real estate career?

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Elvis Loo  Senior Division Director

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